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Reviews for SFDC File Exporter

5/5   Easy to use tool!

My friend recommended me this tool, and I found this very useful. Highy recommended!

Posted by Alexendra,  A media company on October 10, 2020

5/5   Excellent product

This is the only product that offers these missing capabilities to download Files and Attachments

Posted by Elkin ,   on October 30, 2018

5/5   Excellent Tool !

please add to document how to schedule it

Posted by Cho ,   on April 22, 2019

5/5   Best tool

This is one of the best tool to download thousands of attachment n files

Posted by Anil ,   on August 16, 2019

5/5   Very Simple to use!

I am impressed with the product, though some enhancement is needed but I am really impressed. Hope, it will become better day by day!

Posted by Thomas ,   on June 26, 2018

5/5   The best SF extraction tool out there

The only tool I have found that works! Simple to use and faultless.

Posted by Rob Du Toit, on December 7, 2020

5/5   Great tool, still being updated!

Aside from the Salesforce Data Export, this is the easiest tool available to download attachments/files from Hint: For extracting Salesforce Files, be sure to first extract a .csv of ContentVersionIds and use the extract from CSV option. This is the best bet to extract Files only from relevant records (as opposed to ALL Files).

Posted by Mike Goy,  iCIMS on October 14, 2020

/5   Great tool for the job

Easy to get all attachments required from a SF object.Best to get attachment Id incase filename includes any invalid OS characters. Easy enough to then link the file to the filename with the success files.Great tool once I understood how to effectively use it.

Posted by 5,  Dave Williams on Keysight Technologies

5/5   Cool

Cool to use. Does the work.

Posted by Pankaj,  Persistent on February 7, 2021

5/5   Awesome Product

Did exactly what I needed it to and was easy to use.

Posted by Linda,  RIA Advisor - SalesForce user on December 23, 2020

5/5   A very usefoll tool

This is another area where Salesforce has opted to ignore its' customer base and not provide a tool for simple file extraction. But SFDC File Exporter does the trick. The tool is self-explanatory and easy to use. It worked for us.

Posted by A Salesforce Admin,  A Government Agency on November 18, 2020

5/5   One of the best tool

One of my friend referred this tool to me and I found it really amazing

Posted by Julia,  A startup on August 23, 2020

5/5   Next Milestone: Import Utility

Hi. I wish you could also create for us poor folks, an equally user-friendly "Attachment import" tool as well. We are struggling with Data Loader encountering java stack error

Posted by Eashwer Iyer,   on March 20, 2020

5/5   Loving this

Tried multiple tools to extract Attachments and finally find solace here. highly recommend.

Posted by Ajay vemula,   on December 30, 2019

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